Seller Services

For Sellers

A home can be the most valuable asset you have. Freddy Hassun recognizes this, and offers a full sales service, dealing with all properties across the spectrum – however large or small. He prides himself on his ability to both market and sell your property for the best possible price in the best possible timeframe. A property that sits on the market for a long period becomes stale and he uses creative marketing campaigns combined with his expert knowledge and access to an international network of cash rich buyers to ensure that this does not happen.

His motto is: ‘be proactive’. When you give him you’re listing he doesn’t just put it up on the MLS website and ‘sit back and hope.’ He takes an active approach to the task, plotting sales and marketing strategies in conjunction with his clients, recognizing that each property, and each client, is different.

Freddy Hassun marries the latest in marketing technology with a dynamic tailoring of his market knowledge to your specific requirements. He is constantly accessible and accountable to his clients. He recognizes that a successful sales campaign is a campaign geared toward one, simple goal: to maximize the salability and value of your property. And he has the knowledge, experience and expertise to do it.


Tasks Related to Seller Services

  • Helping clients determine the value of property they want to sell
  • Preparing market analysis statistics
  • Providing tips to help sellers stage property so that it will appeal to buyers
  • Creating a personal Video Blog for each property and ensuring a specific target audience
  • Advertising listed property to other Realtors and potential buyers
  • Hosting “caravans” during which other real estate agents tour the property
  • Hosting open house events
  • Negotiating contracts with buyers and/or agents acting on their behalf
  • Educating sellers about disclosure requirements
  • Facilitating the closing process on behalf of clients