Investor Services

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Freddy Hassun offers a wide range of income producing investments across a range of properties. He specializes in high end condos that generate high yields for the investor, and his investment properties are located in key locations across the Miami area. All of his investments are geared toward the attainment of a steady income stream, and strong capital appreciation potential.

He prides himself on client service, and offers a simple and transparent transaction process. He can assist at every stage of the process from the initial purchase of the property to furnishing, designing and presenting it for sale. He also offers a full letting and management service to ensure minimum headache and maximum revenue for his buyers.

If made correctly, property can be the safest, and most lucrative investment in today’s troubled economic climate. But he believes that knowledge of real estate alone is not enough for the most successful investments. Freddy Hassun has a team of agents with backgrounds in real estate, finance and banking. By marrying this combination of expertise, he is ahead of the competition and perfectly placed to both source and sell the very best real estate investments Florida has to offer.


Investor Services

* Development opportunities: New build residential or commercial projects on a vacant land or demolition of existing buildings to develop from.

* Land Deals: land plots to build on for sale either with or without planning permission.

* Income producing assets (residential & commercial), for rental or capital appreciation.